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Learn More About Our Team

How do I become a Member/Distributor?
For a low one-time sign-up fee of $40 (not a subscription) you can become a Member/Distributor which allows you to purchase all Drop It CBD Products at the wholesale price of $35. When you join our team as a Member/Distributor you get a fully-functional personalized website and back-office that allows you to sell Drop It CBD Products and manage your Drop It CBD commissions, retail bonuses, and slots. This includes your own web address so family and friends can purchase Drop It CBD directly from you or sign-up with you.

How do I make money?
Once you have joined the Drop It CBD Team team, by paying your one-time sign-up fee, you can immediately begin earning true residual income. There are three ways in which you can make money.

1. Sign-up Bonus
Once you have paid your one-time sign-up fee and become a Member/Distributor you are eligible to sponsor new members. Each time you sponsor a new member, one-half of their $40 sign-up fee ($20) becomes yours. This sign-up bonus will be paid monthly.

2. Retail Profit
As a Member/Distributor you manage your own website where you can sell Drop It CBD at the retail cost of $45 per bottle. Anytime someone visits your website and purchases product at the retail price, you will receive the retail profit of $10 per bottle. The more you share the benefits of Drop It CBD with friends and family, the more you get paid. This retail profit will be paid monthly.

3. Bonus Pool
With every bottle of Drop It CBD sold in the entire company, $20 goes directly into the Member/Distributor Bonus Pool. Each month the Bonus Pool pays 100% of the collected funds to all qualified Members/Distributors, Yes that is a 57% payout! All Member/Distributors in active status from the top to the bottom will receive a portion of the Bonus Pool funds. This is what makes our company stand out above all other network-marketing businesses where only the top 5% of distributors are making most of the money. No this is not MLM marketing. In our patent-pending single-line network - "Everyone Wins". As the company grows, so will your payout!

How do I qualify to receive my portion of the Bonus Pool?
To qualify for a monthly commission from the Bonus Pool, active Member/Distributors must sponsor at least 2 other Member/ Distributors to create one $1k slot. This is a one-time qualifier and does not have to be repeated. You are allowed one $1k slot for every 2 Member/Distributors you sponsor. Each time you sign up 2 new members, the computer will automatically assign you a new $1k slot, that will be placed in the next available slot, at that time. To qualify each $1k slot you must maintain a $70 monthly order for each slot. Each slot has the potential of making $1,000 per month. You will be able to keep track of everything in your back office.

How is the money in the bonus pool distributed?
YES, this is rocket science! This is called exponential distribution. By using a highly sophisticated mathematical equation the bonuses are paid through a process called exponential distribution. What this means, is it starts at the bottom and works its way to the top in a straight line and increases your pay the higher you go up in the line. At the close of the month (last day of each month at 12AM MST) the program will then move all of the unqualified spots out of the way, and the remaining qualified slots will be condensed up and paid.

-You can only be at the bottom until the next person signs up, remember this is a single line. Everyone that signs up after you is below you, which means your bonus will grow every month. Everyone who signs up is in the same one leg. When you sign up, your name is stamped with a time/date stamp. Everyone who signs up after that time and date is under you. No matter who signs them up, no matter where, they're under you. You will be paid on every single person that signs in the Company up after you to infinity as long as your spot(s) is qualified.

-Because of the unlimited re-entry, everyone who is above you as they add a new 1K slot will also be below you, helping you grow!!!

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