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Relax, It's Legal.

Hemp Oil with 250mg CBD
( Members' Rate: $35.00 )

Hemp Oil with 250mg CBD
(Contains no THC)

Hemp oil with CBD may help with:

Pain and Inflammation
Stress, Anxiety & Mood
Neurological Disorders
Nausea/Digestive Health
Cardiovascular Health
Hair, Skin & Nails
Weight Loss

Drop It CBD is a Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) tincture containing cannabidiol (CBD) oil in a hemp seed oil base. CBD concentrations used in the tincture are produced using our unique engineering process for maximum potency. By combining the extracted CBD oil with the hemp seed oil base we have created a perfect synergy between plant and seed to connect to the full spectrum of benefits which mother nature intended.
Earn Some Green, Join Our Team
Sign-up Bonus:Each time you sponsor a new member, one-half of their $40.00 sign-up fee ($20.00) becomes yours. This direct bonus will be paid weekly.

Retail Profit:Anytime someone visits your website and purchases product at the retail price, you will receive an additional retail profit of $10.00 per bottle.

Bonus Pool:With every bottle of Drop It CBD sold, $15.00 of the wholesale price goes directly back to the company for product and management. The remaining $20.00 goes directly into the Member/Distributor Bonus Pool.

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