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About: Founder, CEO

Founder, CEO Blaine Rudd
Blaine Rudd is not a newcomer to the Health and Wellness industry. Blaine has over 30 years experience producing some of the most effective, best-selling dietary supplement products in the country building up to 4 million dollars in monthly sales with 200,000 distributors nationwide.

Blaine recently received a vision of the ultimate network-marketing company. He has always wanted what is best for the consumer and the distributor. His personal mantra throughout life has been, "Everyone Wins". He is proud to share his new revelation in which he can truly make his mantra a reality.

Blaine has created Drop It CBD, a network-marketing company based on two essential elements:

1. A product of the highest quality at the best price. One that potential customers of all ages will see positive benefits from the first dose.

2. A straightforward (patent-pending) compensation plan where everyone gets paid. Drop it CBD has both, and Blaine is excited to help all who desire a better life. With Drop It CBD "Everyone Wins".

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